FAQS Answered

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is one of more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids,” which are unique to cannabis and endow the plant with its robust therapeutic profile.

Thousands of scientific studies have been carried out specifically on CBD. Project CBD is a non-profit organisation strictly dedicated to documenting the research progress on this incredible drug.

There is general agreement that CBD is safe and non-toxic.

This is why CBD is not a controlled substance. So if you’re asking yourself the question – is CBD oil legal? – then the answer is a resounding yes, as long as it is extracted from legally grown and licensed cannabis sativa, containing less than 0.2 per cent THC.

No, CBD will not get you high. It’s non-intoxicating. THC is the molecule that binds to receptors in our brain and is therefore responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

In fact, CBD is antagonistic to the marijuana high; some research expresses its potential to prevent THC molecules from binding to the brain’s receptors (hence the reason why it’s often used to subdue the ‘paranoia’ effects of super-potent THC strains).

There are many variables that might determine how long CBD and its metabolites stay in your system, including (among other variables): age, diet, weight, exercise routine, and how long you’ve been taking the compound.

In most instances CBD stays in your system between 2 and 5 days*.

*Use this information at your own risk – we are NOT responsible for any misinformation or any misguided use of CBD or any other products based on information in this article – no matter the source it was referenced from.

We recommend not to drink our products if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

The Committee on Toxicity (COT) concluded “the current balance of evidence does not support a harmful toxicological or behavioural interaction between caffeine and alcohol”.

Yes, Alderley Edge is suitable for vegetarians.

Yes, Alderley Edge is gluten free, vegan and wheat free.

Alderley Edge is only available online at the moment but we do hope to expand into to stores in the near future.

Orders are processed and shipped within 3 business days, if there are any changes to your order you will be contacted immediately.

No, not at the moment but we do hope to soon.